Wayne Babin, DDS: Offering Dental Care to Children in Need

A pediatric dentist who has been in private practice since 1973, Wayne Babin, DDS, provides a complete array of oral health care services to infants, children, and teens in his office in Tyler, Texas. Respected for his compassionate clinical approach, Dr. Babin takes great pride in the personal relationships he develops with his young patients. Additionally, he often treats foster children who have previously lacked access to top quality dental care.

With huge numbers of uninsured American families struggling to afford basic necessities, a trip to the dentist is often put on hold in favor of priorities like groceries, school supplies, and mortgage payments. Hampered by a variety of socioeconomic factors, many parents are unable to pay for regular visits to the dentist, and this places their kids at risk for a lifetime of dental problems, many of which are more dangerous than just the occasional cavity.

According to a report released by the National Academies’ Institute of Medicine, one out of every 16 children in the United States did not receive any dental care whatsoever in 2008. Because of this, the likelihood is high that these boys and girls will require extensive treatment in the future, particularly if issues like serious tooth decay, gum disease, and misaligned bite structure come into play.

For additional information about affordable children’s dentistry, contact Wayne Babin, DDS, at 903-561-6021.


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