Preventing Tooth Decay in Infants and Toddlers, by Wayne Babin, DDS

Although young children’s baby teeth give way to permanent ones, early tooth decay and poor dental habits can lead to a lifetime of dental problems. Tooth decay in children can cause speech and eating problems, as well as prevent the development of healthy jaw structures.

Parents can take several early steps to prevent tooth decay.

1. Clean baby’s teeth and gums from birth.
2. Avoid putting baby to bed with a bottle filled with anything other than water.
3. Take your children for dental checkups every six months.
4. Treat dental emergencies and injuries immediately.
5. Feed your children a healthy diet and minimize sugary or overly acidic snacks.
6. Allow your dentist to apply sealants to your child’s molars.
7. Talk to your dentist about fluoride supplementation.
8. Set an example for your children by maintaining healthy dental habits.

Wayne Babin, DDS, has spent more than 30 years providing dentistry to children and teens. By working with children, Dr. Wayne Babin, DDS, contributes to a lifetime of good oral health.


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