Wayne Babin, DDS: Pediatric Dentistry Tips

A highly regarded dentist with 40 years of clinical experience, Wayne Babin, DDS, maintains a thriving independent practice in Tyler, Texas, that he established in 1973. Focusing on preventative and restorative dental treatments for children and adolescents under the age of 21, Dr. Babin makes it a priority to educate young patients and their families on the importance of forming excellent oral hygiene habits early in life.

As an example, before a baby develops his or her first tooth, parents should gently clean the baby’s mouth and gums at least once a day. Using a delicate toothbrush designed especially for infants is recommended, although a soft piece of fabric will also suffice. After a baby tooth erupts, cleaning should occur at least twice each day, and a visit to the dentist should be scheduled.

If a baby enjoys going to bed with a bottle in his or her mouth, parents should remove the bottle after the baby falls asleep. Bottles with juice, milk, or any liquid other than water should never be left in a crib overnight in order to minimize bacterial acid exposure. Likewise, dental professionals like Dr. Babin strongly discourage dipping pacifiers in sugary liquids, as this tactic can result in serious and irreversible tooth decay. If possible, parents should wean a baby from drinking from a bottle in a year or less, and mothers who breastfeed should minimize the use of bottles as much as possible.

Interested parties can visit www.waynebabin.com for additional tips and information.


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